why you need regular pest control?


The most common notion in pest control service is that a clean house will always be pest-free. Is it true? In my opinion, cleanliness is not the only solution to keep your place pest-free. Pest can be attracted to homes for various reasons other than cleanliness. Why do we need pest control service? It is necessary for both residential and commercial settings. There are many reasons why regular pest control is necessary for every homeowner to consider.

Is DIY pest control solutions are enough?

Home Remedies for Pest Control

There are several DIY techniques available on YouTube and other online platforms. Most people search for it and apply the techniques to get rid of their pest issues. Sometimes these techniques will work out and solve the issue for a short period of time. The DIY techniques mostly address the problem itself rather than the inner cause of the problem. Hence, more often the source of your infestation is hidden away.

That’s why it is important to contact professionals to get a complete solution. New Star Pest control Company is one of the best options for you. It is a municipality-approved company. They provide services across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Professional treatments are not expensive while considering the expense you may have due to pest infestation. So never get late to approach a professional pest control service provider near your locality for a better experience.

What are the reasons for a regular pest control?

Pests always create problems in your life. They cause damage to your property and also cause infestations. So, it is very important to have regular pest control.

why you need regular pest control?

The main reasons why you need regular pest control are,

  1. Some of the most common pests like rodents, ticks, and mosquitoes are capable of transferring terrible diseases to you and your beloved ones.
  2. Pests cause damage to property and belongings. Wood-faring bugs such as termites and carpenter ants are capable of destroying your furniture and even walls. Pests like carpet beetles also attack couches, clothing, blanket, towels, etc.
  3. When we are dealing with food, both in residential and commercial settings it is very important to keep it safe from pests. Food is the main factor that attracts pests inside your place.
  4. Pest problem in gardens also is a dangerous issue. Many pests such as aphids can stop the proper growth of fruits and vegetables in your garden.
  5. The major benefit of a pest-free environment is stress-free living.

How to solve pest problem effectively?

It is always best to execute preventive measures to control pests. When you realize the presence of pests in your place try to contact a professional pest control service center. Because, the trained professionals can identify the underlying cause of your pest problem and destroy it from the root. And, it will significantly diminish any future issues with annoying pests. The pest control companies know the best way to treat the harmful pests. They know the optimal place to treat and how to bring complete solution to your problem. Many companies provide service guarantees also.

why you need regular pest control?

The New Star Pest control is one of the best companies in the UAE. It has a group of experienced professionals who provide great service to our clients in a friendly manner. We never do any adjustments to the quality of services provide. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors that we look for while providing service.


Q: What is an integrated pest management program?

A: IPM is a broad-based approach that integrates practices for economic control of pests. It aims to suppress pest populations below the economic injury level.

Q: What can I do to prevent pests from entering through doors, windows, and vents?

A: You can use screens, self-closing devices and door sweeps to control pests from entering through doors and windows. Also try with air curtains if possible.

Q: What are the guidelines to deny pest food and shelter?

A: As you know the availability of food and shelter attracts pests inside your house. So, always try to make the kitchen and surroundings clean and hygiene. Dispose garbage quickly and correctly, store remaining food in pest proof containers, and also try to keep food and supplies away from walls and off the floor.  

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