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Mosquitos and cockroaches are the pests that are most harmful to our health. It is very important to reduce the population growth of these pests. Hence, mosquito and cockroach control is essential. There are different pest control methods available in the present situation to get rid of these. We are familiar with the health threats caused by these pests. And also, we know how to control them. But, most of us are unaware of the complete information on their life process and mosquito and cockroach control. This write-up will help you to understand the importance of mosquito and cockroach control in our daily life.


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mosquito control

The scientific name of the mosquito is Culicidae. This small species of insects included in the order Diptera. The word mosquito is a Spanish word that means ‘little fly’. Mosquitoes are commonly seen in our surroundings. The entire life cycle of a mosquito takes approximately 10 days, from egg to adult form. Their mode of reproduction is through laying eggs.

There will be no one who didn’t experience the mosquito bite even once in their life. They are so itchy and sometimes become dangerous. Mosquitoes used to bite on the skin and feed on blood. It causes itchy irritation on the skin surface and sometimes a bump also form. Normally, the bump will clear its own in few days. But sometimes, mosquito bite leads to large swelling and allergic reaction.


 The female mosquito bite is most dangerous. The bite of the mosquito transmits a virus called arboviruses into the blood. It will cause illness in human beings.

Culex mosquito is commonly called as southern house mosquito. They cause diseases like West Nile Virus, Saint Louise Encephalitis.

Aedes mosquitoes are of two types. Aedes ablopitus commonly called as Asian tiger mosquito. And Aedes Aegypti called a yellow fever mosquito. They cause diseases like dengue fever, Chikungunya, and Zika.


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mosquito control

There are several natural methods to get rid of mosquitoes. This will be helpful for those who have allergic reactions to mosquito bites. A large number of mosquitoes are seen in town areas. There will be many sewages and an unhygienic environment. Mosquitoes will lay eggs in this and a large number of larva will produce.

Here gives 5 natural home remedies that will help to keep the mosquitoes away from you. That are,

  1. Camphor
  1. Garlic
  1. Mint
  1. Tea tree oil
  1. Coffee Grounds


Camphor is a good home remedy to get rid of mosquitoes. The strong odor of this will keep the mosquito away. Using camphor is very easy in households and it does not have side effects. Light the camphor inside the home for half/one hour. Mosquitoes will leave the place because of its strong odor.


All of us know that garlic has many medicinal values. It is also helpful in keep mosquitoes away from us. Boil the garlic cloves and pour in a spray bottle. Then, use it when there is a number of mosquitoes around you. The garlic spray will kill the mosquitoes instantly and the smell also will disappear within minutes. 


Mosquitoes can’t stand the scent of mint. So, it can be used as an advantage to get rid of mosquito annoyance. Spray mint oil, or use fresh mint in your surroundings and it will keep mosquitoes away from your environment. Cultivating mint shrubs is also a good method.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has different kinds of medicinal values. It contains numerous anti-bacterial properties in it. This specialty of tea tree oil can be utilized in facing mosquito issues. The way to use this is also very simple in homes. Just mix a few drops of tea tree oil in some water and keep it in a bottle. Spray the solution whenever there is a high amount of mosquitoes are there around you.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee ground is also one of the best home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes. Everyone will have it in their home. And so, it is one of the easily available methods. Pour the coffee ground in stagnant water around your environment to kill the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes used to lay eggs in stagnant water. The use of coffee ground will reduce the amount of oxygen in stagnant water and it kill the mosquito eggs.


Integrated mosquito management is a management method that is very detailed in nature. This method will keep the mosquito away from you and reduce the harmful health effects caused by them. The integrated mosquito management method involves site assessment, surveillance, public education, application of control measures, and evaluation of effectiveness.

The very first step in mosquito control is defending yourself from them. Our exposure to mosquitoes is one main thing that we need to control. Clean and hygienic surroundings will never promote the growth of mosquitoes. Rainy seasons are more dangerous for mosquito reproduction. There are some special diseases that will occur only in the rainy season due to mosquito bites. So, always try to clean the rain gutters and downspouts.  Cover or remove the things which promote water blockage like tire, coconut shell, plastic bottles/vessels, etc.


The application of mosquito and cockroach control measures is an important step. It can be done only after analyzing the situation. There are various types of measures that can be applied in controlling mosquito growth and reproduction. They are,

  1. Biological Controls

In biological control methods, source reduction is mainly done. The most popular biological control method is the farming of mosquitofish, Gambusia Affinis. Guppy culture is the famous method of destroying mosquito larva. Another method is B.t.I (bacillus thuringiensis). It is a larvacide that kill mosquito even in their larval stage of development.

  1. Chemical Controls
Chemical Control Method · Life Cycle of a Mosquito
mosquito control

The use of chemicals is another method to get rid of mosquitoes. The commonly used chemicals are permethrin, phenothrin, malathion, and pyrethrins. These use for adult mosquito control. The method of using these chemicals is basically through fogging in the evening time when a large number of mosquitoes are seen.

  1. Physical Controls

The physical mosquito control methods means eliminating the sources where mosquitoes usually grow and reproduce. The elimination process can include improving the use of these sources, modifying their nature, or increasing the growth of natural mosquito predators. Through these methods, mosquito growth and breeding can be discouraging.

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