top 10 Household pests in UAE

Pests are there in every home, but no one like pest infestation around their homes. Sometimes we cannot notice their presence before the condition gets worsened. The weather and living conditions of countries influence the type of pests there. Let’s discuss the top 10 household pests in UAE.

If the pest infestation is at a normal level we can use some home remedies or DIY methods to get rid of them. But if it goes out of hand we need to approach some professional pest control companies. The NEW STAR PEST CONTROL is one of the best pest control and cleaning service provider across the UAE. We provide an effective solution to eliminating pest problems within your home.

10 Common pests in UAE


Rats are one of the most damaging and life-threatening rodents in the UAE. They eat and contaminate food and which spread diseases like plague, salmonella, leptospirosis, etc. they also cause structural and property damage by chewing the furniture, wires, and wooden structures like doors, and windows.

How to control rats


common pests in UAE

Bedbugs usually enter the home through luggage, clothing, used beds, and cloth items. Even though they didn’t transmit diseases, their presence of them is a nuisance to us. They are active at night and bite people when they are sleeping. Their bites are itchy and if you don’t notice their presence they will disturb your sleep.

How to control bedbugs


common pests in UAE

Lizards are one of the top 10 household pests in the UAE. The availability of plenty of insects inside the home is the reason for lizards to get attracted to your home. Even though lizards help in keeping our homes pest-free, no one likes their sight at home.

How to control lizards


Cockroaches commonly prefer a warm environment and thus can be found in and around homes. They crawl through dirty places and can contaminate food which can trigger quite a few diseases. They spread faster and the presence may cause allergic reactions like asthma.

How to control cockroaches


common household pests

Termite is one of the top 10 household pests in the UAE. They live in massive colonies that eat away at your home’s physical structures. Termite infestation can detect by hollow-sounding wood and mud tubes inside the home.

How to control termites


common household pests

Even though moths look harmless they spread faster. They are present in the kitchen, cupboard, living room, etc. The moths may cause severe damage as well as expose you to health hazards. You need to identify the moth species affecting your property. Different moth pest species require different treatment methods to effectively control them.


household pests

Spiders are commonly attracted to warm, dark small spaces like corners in the wall inside and outside the home. They make your home unhygienic and spider bites also are dangerous. Some people are afraid of spiders and their webbing also is a nuisance.

How to control spiders


household pests

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are similar species of pests that have nasty stings that can be especially dangerous to anyone allergic to them. They commonly make nests inside and outside our living spaces which we don’t use much. They can be a danger to anyone who gets too close to their nest and sting any person or pet who is nearby.


common household pests

Flies are one of the top 10 household pests in the UAE. The presence and buzzing of flies are a nuisance. Transmit a wide range of diseases including salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera, and parasitic worms. They contaminate food and cause food poisoning.

How to control flies


household pests

Ants are harmless, but their presence and bites are always a problem for us. They contaminate food by crawling over them. The availability of food sources is the main reason for an ant infestation.  

How to control ants

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