pest control in office


Why pest control is important for the office? Do you think it is not necessary to do pest control services in the office? Pest problems are a very common issue that we face in our everyday life. We know that the presence of different kinds of pests in the home is dangerous. Same as this, pest problems in the workplace are also increasing at a very alarming rate. So, pest control in office is equally important.

The presence of pests at your office can cause several kinds of damages. They can damage your paper works, can affect the structure of your building, eat away your boxes, damage electrical instruments, and can cause health issues also. The pests can make the work environment quite uncomfortable for your employees simply with their presence itself.

The best option to get rid of these problems is to approach a professional pest control service center. Investing in commercial pest control services is really a good idea. How much does it cost for pest control services? The cost of damages caused by pests is very much higher than the cost you need to spend for a pest control service. Never compromise the health of your employees for money. The NEW STAR PEST CONTROL provides the best service across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

pest control in office
pest control in the office

What are the reasons for pest problems in the office?

There are several reasons for a pest problem in the workplace. Some of them are listed here. Just go through them and find your specific problem.

  1. Unhygienic environment

One of the prime reasons for the pest problems is the unhygienic environment at the office. The food leftovers after lunch are a major attraction to pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents. So, office employees and cleaning staff should be motivated to keep their space clean and tidy. Give pest control notice to office staff.

pest control in office
  1. Building maintenance issues

Maintenance of a building is a very important thing to jeep pest away from it. The presence of cracks or gaps in the walls invites pests inside your office. You have to seal the openings to prevent the pests from entering inside.

Why office pest control for office is necessary?

Pest-related problems are common in offices. Finding a solution for this is important to maintain the reputation of your office. The pests will damage office materials and affect the working environment. Apart from this, pests also cause some serious threats to our health and wellbeing. Some of the like spider and bed bugs cause an allergic reaction after bite. Pests like mosquitoes are dangerous because they spread severe diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, etc. 

The presence of pests is a nuisance to all. In addition, there are a few types of pests that create serious damages like eating paper works, wires, and boxes to the workspace. Dead pests like rodents create a faulty smell that badly affects the working environment. The allergic reactions, asthma, and other health issues created by pests like mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, and cockroaches also need to be taken into consideration.

pest control in office

3 pest control tips for your office building

Pest control in the office is an unavoidable thing to keep a good image. A good facility manager will always prefer to work with a licensed pest control company to ensure the building remains safe. Just go through the following pest control tips to analyze the present condition of your office building.   

Tip1: Find Trouble Locations

It is important to determine where the bugs are entering and where they like to congregate in your office building. Both the exterior and interior locations are there where pests like to stay.

The most common exterior spots are,

  • Lighting on the outside of the building where insects are attracted to. The presence of these insects at the entrance itself gives a bad image of your office.
  • The dumpsters and trash receptacles outside the building should keep away from the office. The foul smell of decaying trash and the presence of small insects and pests create dangerous after effects.

Some of the interior areas in the office where pests are present,

  • Dirty dining areas will promote the spreading of germs. So, regular cleaning and maintenance are important to keep a hygienic environment in your office.
  • Keep food in sealed containers, regularly take the trashes out and take out all food debris from the sink.
pest control in office

Tip 2: Perform Proactive Maintenance

Damages like cracks and holes to the walls of the building invite pests inside your building. So, follow regular building maintenance. Additionally, maintenance of landscape also is important to keep pests away.

Tip 3: Recognize the Trouble Signs

Know the early warning signs of pest infestation to take immediate action. Some of them include dead bugs or exoskeleton shedding in corners, webs in corners, and dropping on walls or floors, etc.

Why NEW STAR pest control?

We have to take a preventative approach to health care. If you are facing a pest problem in your office, take immediate action. You should definitely take some professional help to avoid them in the future. As a leading pest control service company in UAE, the NEW STAR PEST CONTROL provides the best service. Our trained professionals are experts in handling every pest problem in your office.

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