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Bird control is a commonly used term for the process of eliminating pest birds. The pest birds are harmful to our crops and health. Best strategies for bird control. Hence, bird control is important because pests birds can create health-related problems through their feces. There are many different types of bird control methods.

The methods of bird control include physical deterrents, visual deterrents, and multi-sensory deterrents, sonic devices, trained birds of prey, and, using chemicals.


Birds cause severe damage to crops, destroy rooftops and transmit over 60 different diseases. So, taking a proactive approach to pest bird control is imperative for maintaining clean and safe facilities. In industries also, every year they spend a huge amount of money on repairing damage caused by birds. Clearing the mess created by bird droppings is also a big problem. This financial burden is more expensive than periodic property maintenance. Best strategies for bird control. In addition to all these damages, birds are known to carry more than 60 transmittable diseases that cause ill health to workers and customers.

Here are some of the most important reasons that make bird control necessary;

  • Bird droppings can tarnish your public image because it looks dirty.
  • They can contaminate food products and cause diseases.
  • Bird droppings are highly acidic and have the ability to cause irreparable damage to equipment.
  • Nesting materials can clog gutters and drains, so apply any bird control strategies.
  • Bird droppings can be slippery and may cause hazards
  • Infectious bird droppings are the main problem that causes ill health to employees and visitors


Attempting bird control on your own is usually frustrating as well as time-consuming. This is due to the fact that bird control is not as easy as simply chasing them away as they keep on returning. Applying the most suitable method is important along with maintaining control over time.  

Now, it is clear that pest bird control is mandatory. To avoid health risks, property damage, cleanup costs, and expensive equipment repairs proper pest bird control is needed. Best strategies for bird control, you can hire a professional bird control service for safe, effective, and viable solutions for all types of bird problems. The service of a professional bird control company is essential for detailed assessment and detection of specific problems. The NEW STAR PEST CONTROL in UAE is one of the best professional bird control companies that offers their valuable service across Dubai, Ajman, and also in Sharjah.


  • Eliminate, or reduce as much as possible, standing water and areas in which the pest birds can feed.
  • Keep trash cans covered and areas clean.
  • Never feed pest birds.
  • Trim trees away from structures, and prune those seen to attract pest bird roosting.
  • Add obstructions (such as spikes or sticky glues) to ledges where pest birds roost.
  • Clean gutters to prevent standing water.
  • If pest birds are feeding on the food in feeders set out for desirable birds, try changing the type of food used. If pest birds are a big problem, it is often advisable to stop using feeders during warm weather.
  • Contact a licensed pest professional to inspect and treat the pest problem. 

Bird control in Dubai plays an important role in facility planning. The issue with the pest birds always creates a nuisance to the people living in that space. There are several methods available in the market for bird control. Best strategies for bird control include,

  • Bird spikes
  • Bird netting
  • Visual deterrents
  • Multi-sensory deterrents
  • Sonic devices
  • Trained birds of prey
  • Using chemicals

Bird spikes

The use of Bird spikes provides a physical barrier that prevents birds from landing on surfaces such as rooftop edges, ledges, and windowsills. Spikes are available in plastic and stainless steel options. They are free to install and user-friendly to use. It stops birds from landing and nesting on elevated surface areas

Bird netting

Netting acts as a physical barrier that humanely excludes birds from unwanted areas like gardens, canopies, and also eaves. Netting effectively prevents birds from nesting and roosting year-round and keeps any desired location protected from nuisance.

Sonic devices

The use of sonic and ultra-sonic devices is another effective method in bird control. The sonic devices broadcast bird alarm calls and terrifying predator calls that alert birds that the area is unsafe to live in. The sound is frightening for birds and it is a normal sound for humans. Similarly, the ultrasonic bird control devices play irritating high and low pitch frequencies that don’t bother humans. This is one of the best strategies for bird control.

Use of chemicals

The chemical deterrents range from products of turf to avicides. There are taste aversion products for geese, and also fogging agents used for birds. All the chemical deterrents are not harmful to the birds.


There are numerous solutions available for bird control in the market today. Among them, the most popular product repels pests naturally and provides long-term results just like visual scares, predator decoys, bird gel, and also ultrasonic devices.

The best bird control products are,

Electronic bird repeller

Electronic bird repelled by news tar pest control Dubai

Bird spikes

Bird spikes news tar pest control Dubai

Bird netting

Bird netting by news tar pest control

Laser bird repellers

Laser bird repellers newstar pest control service in dubai

Shock track system

Shock track system by newstar pest control dubai


drone bird control by newstar pest control service in dubai

Visual scares and predator decoys

Visual scares and predator decoys by new star pest control in dubai.

Bird gels and taste aversion

Bird gels and taste aversion by news tar pest control in Dubai.

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