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Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides which are called fumigants. It helps to suffocate or poison the pests within that locations. The use of smoke or vapor also is common in this fumigation process instead of gas. Pest control by fumigation. Most of the pesticides using in this process are highly toxic and harm human beings also. Inhaling the gas produces during fumigation is very dangerous and can cause serious illness or death. Exposure to the toxic substance can occur through your eyes, mouth, or skin.   


As the best commercial pest control company in UAE, New Star offers a wide range of fumigation services in a variety of commercial settings. It includes,

  • Silo fumigation
  • Structure fumigation
  • Container fumigation

Silo is used to store varied types of grains, feed, or legumes. Phosphine is commonly used in the silo fumigation process. Hence, to ensure the insect and pest-free silo, silo fumigation is an effective, simple, and cost-effective pest control treatment.

Structure fumigation is a pest control method that involves filling the airspace within a structure with a toxic gas. It can do with buildings range from large food manufacturing plants to residential homes. In addition, the whole-building fumigation process is using to eliminate infestation from within the building fabric in structure fumigation.

Container fumigation can control any type of pest through an efficient, safe, and also disinfection process. The gas is injected through a probe inserted inside the container with the doors already closed.

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Inhalation is the most dangerous route of exposure to fumigation. Exposure to those gas is harmful to humans and all living beings. Pest control by fumigation. Mild inhalation exposure can cause a feeling of sickness, fatigue, nausea, and tightness in the chest. To get rid of these symptoms the better way is to breathe fresh air. Moderate inhalation can cause weakness, vomiting, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and diarrhea. The symptoms of severe inhalation exposure can occur within several hours or even within days. This is very dangerous and can even lead to unconsciousness and death.

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Wearing proper respiratory protection is an important step in the fumigation process. Personal protection equipment (PPE) is clothing and device that minimize your exposure to pesticides. The better way to fumigate your space is to approach a professional service provider. Because they are trained to analyze the situation and to apply the proper methods. The NEW STAR PEST CONTROL provides the best pest control by fumigation across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.


The most common chemicals used in fumigation

Magnesium phosphide: This solid can convert into powder or granules. When magnesium phosphide introduce to acid or moisture it produces phosphine gas and it is very toxic.

Methyl bromide: It is commonly using in farming and agricultural setting. It can be a fumigant as well as a solid and is very powerful.

Sulfuryl fluoride: This is a pressurized liquid gas and is strong and powerful enough to cause burns.  It is using in lumber and auto manufacturing.

Chloropicrin: When it is released to air, the liquid get evaporates. It is highly destructive in nature.

Phosphine: It is an odorless gas and works longer than other fumigants. It is the weakest chemical using in the fumigation process while comparing the other pesticides.

Methyl isocyanine: It is manufacturing from rubber production. It must be handle and store carefully because it is most powerful.

Hydrogen cyanide: It is an inorganic compound and boils at room temperature.


Most of the people are confused between pest control services and fumigation services. The proper knowledge about both of these services is important to apply the correct solution to your problem. Lack of proper knowledge can put the homeowners into serious health conditions.

Pest control

The process of pest control refers to the control of a species defines as ‘pest’. The chemicals using in pest control services are the ‘pesticides’. The chemicals used in pest control services not necessarily kill all the life stages of a pest. However, pest control services can avoid costly property damage and injury. When left unchecked, pests will grow uncontrollably and cause damage to our valuable things. It also cause health issues in our family. Once, the infestation starts due to pest issues, it is very hard to eradicate those harmful pests from our area. It is also time-consuming and costly.

The pest control services may include methods like chemical control, physical control methods like screening and sealing of openings, trapping, and also baiting methods. The service can provide lining environments like homes, offices, schools, factories, hotels, laboratories, residential and also in commercial complexes. The pest control services are mainly aiming the household insects like cockroaches, ants, lizards, bedbugs, termites, and also mosquitoes.


Fumigation is also a technique of pest control. . It helps to suffocate or poison the pests within that locations. The use of smoke or vapor also is common in this fumigation process instead of gas. Most of the pesticides using in this process are highly toxic and harm human beings also.

At New Star, we employ state-of-the-art fumigation techniques to ensure the complete elimination of pests, from common insects to stubborn infestations. Safeguard your space with our professional fumigation services, providing you with peace of mind and a clean, healthy living or working environment. Choose reliability, choose New Star for unparalleled fumigation services in Dubai.

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