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BEDBUG  CONTROL TIPS AND TRICKS by new star pest control service.


There are many simple and effective bedbug control methods that can be used by ourselves in residence and office areas without the help of others. The important thing to control bedbugs is to understand them. Bedbugs or Cimicidae are small parasitic insects seen commonly in households and other buildings. They survive by feeding human blood and thus the presence of bedbugs is harmful to us. If we did not address the bedbug issue correctly, it will adversely affect the health of all members who are attached to the place. Apply the best bedbug control techniques. They are mostly seen in mattresses, box springs, furniture, carpets, and baseboards. Many effective bedbug control methods can be used by self.

Pesticides are commonly using in bedbug control. But, it may not be successful in every case due to pesticide resistance and dispersal of the bed bugs. It will increase their opportunity to spread. The main disadvantage of using pesticides is the health effects they cause on people and pets. It varies in intensity from an allergic reaction to cancer and acute neurotoxicity.

1 – Cover Power Outlets

Cover your power outlets – bed bugs use power outlets to evade extermination. They climb into the outlet holes and hide there until it is safe to move elsewhere. 

2 – Store Your Clothing in Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Place your seasonal clothing and fabric in the vacuum sealed bags and use your vacuum cleaner hose to remove the air from the bags and put them away. This method will prevent items like sweaters and blankets from being infested by bed bugs while stored away for future use.

3 – Get Professional Bed Bug Treatment

If you’re dealing with a severe bed bug infestation, contact your local pest professionals to get rid of bed bugs once and for all. It’s important to remember that professionals are trained to use the products and tools required for bed bug treatments.

Many of the techniques that are used to eliminate these household pests can be dangerous if not performed by a trained and certified professional. There are many effective professional bedbug control methods.

4 – Identify Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Educate yourself and your family about the signs of a bed bug infestation and how to identify bites. Bites are typically small red marks that often appear in rows and can be itchy. When you know what bites look like you can identify a problem earlier and seek out assistance if necessary.

5 – Vacuum Your Floor

Vacuum all mattresses, box springs, and floors (especially where the floor and wall meet.) This can eliminate a bed bug infestation before it gets out of control. After you have vacuumed the floors, remove the vacuum bag, place it in a sealed trash bag and dispose of it in an outdoor garbage can. This will prevent the bed bugs from escaping and getting back into your home.

6 – Check Your Pets for Bed Bugs

Like human bedding, bed bugs can be attracted to your pet’s bed where they can also find warm crevices to lay eggs and feed. Make sure to monitor the area where your pet sleeps, and inspect the bed and areas around the bed. If possible, regularly wash the pet bed on the highest heat and dryer settings.

7 – Clean up Clutter

Start by eliminating clutter against walls, as these areas are particularly attractive hiding spots for bed bugs.the more clutter you have, the harder it will be to get rid of an infestation.

8 – Cover Your Mattress

Put the mattress and box springs in encasements like mattress safe covers. Although this protects the mattress from getting infested, it does not get rid of an infestation.

These casings should be made from top-quality fabric, typically cloth, so it’s durable and resistant to tears and folds. They have no folds around the zipper in which bed bugs can find shelter. It is a very important bedbug control method.

9 – Inspect Your Furniture Regularly

Check all your furniture for signs of bed bugs. Begin your search with furniture that has cracks or is used, vintage or antique. Perform a preliminary inspection before purchasing used furniture.

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Bed bugs in your space can disrupt your life if they are not identified and deal with effectively. There are several DIY techniques to kill bedbugs easily. Some common chemicals and household solutions are used to kill bedbugs from your home itself. Use the best bedbug control techniques.

Alcohol to kill bedbugs

Diluted rubbing alcohol is one of the most effective DIY solutions to kill bedbugs instantly when noticed in households. Bed bugs will die as soon as it makes contact with the alcohol solution. Bed bugs usually hide in some places where we can’t locate them easily. So it is hard to apply alcohol as a perfect solution to the bedbug problem.

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Hence, the wise decision always is to hire professionals who can fully eliminate the infestation using insecticides. The NEW STAR pest control and cleaning services provide the best pest control and cleaning Service Company in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, and anywhere in UAE. We ensure high-quality pest control services set under able management and administration.

Diffusing essential oils for bedbugs

Using essential oils to control bedbugs is a more natural way of insect control. Essential oils and a combination of them have use in killing bed bugs. Using oils will suffocate the bed bugs and it is the way it works as a pest control method. The main appeal of essential oils is the chemical-free nature that makes them more favorable over other harmful insecticides.

Use of chemicals to kill bedbugs

Chemicals are widely using in nowadays to kill bedbugs. There are several chemicals available in the market that are safe to use even in households. While comparing with the other two methods above, the use of chemicals will be more effective in getting faster results. The chemicals commonly used in bedbug control include pyrethrins, pyrethroids, desiccants, and biochemical.

Remove bedbugs from your mattress

You can’t use toxic chemicals and rub alcohol on your mattress to kill the bedbugs on it. You need to be more careful in using the chemicals and alcohol in your home as a solution to the bedbug problem. Because more use of these will negatively affect the health of family members. The best way to remove bedbugs from your mattress are,

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  • When bedbugs are in the laundry wrap all the sheets and clean them thoroughly using hot water and soap.
  • Vacuum cleaning across all the visible areas around the bed is another better way to get rid of them.
  • Bedbug-proof mattress covers are available in the market now. So, if you need you can try this method, which will keep you safe from the bedbugs around you.

Professional bedbug treatments are not expensive while considering the expense you may have due to bedbug infestation. apply the best bedbug control techniques. So never get late to approach a professional pest control service provider near your locality for a better experience.


Bedbugs are one of the most insidious home pests. They breed rapidly and have the ability to survive for months without having food. The bedbug problem in your mattress is harmful than other insects. Because a bedbug bite during sleep will disturb you mentally and lead to emotional distress. There are many effective bedbug control methods including bedbug sprays available in the market that will eradicate the bedbug infestation. Here it is the 6 best sprays to control the bedbugs problem.

HARRIS Black Label Bedbug Killer

It is a ready-to-use bottle of bedbug spray. This is a highly effective formula designed to eradicate bedbugs completely. The HARRIS black label bedbug killer offers residual protection to kill remaining bugs for up to 16 weeks.

Trapper Max Glue Boards

The glue boards are the budget-free bedbug control method. It is not the fastest method of bedbug control just like other sprays. But prevent bites and provide a peaceful mind. The method of usage is to fold the glue boards and tape around the legs of bed frames or other furniture. The tightly secured glue board will stop the bedbugs from crawling.

Eco Defense Bedbug Killer 

This is one of the best natural bedbug sprays available in the market now. This bedbug spray has an organic non-toxic formula and is also non-staining. It does not contain harsh chemicals in it while comparing with other bedbug sprays. The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is best suitable to use in normal bedbug problems. It is not much effective in serious infestation.

Bedlam Plus

If bedbugs invade your space, you need to treat your mattress with a bedbug spray. Bedlam Plus is the best option for bedbug problems in your mattresses. This is a water-based spray that is safe for more surfaces. If you need, you can spray the entire surface of your bed with the bedbug spray.

Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer

This is the top choice to attack your bedbug infestation effectively. The quick-acting solution will kill bedbugs and also their eggs on contact. You can directly spray the solution into the nests of bedbugs in the crevices and cracks. Use the battery-operated wand to continuously spray along the baseboards, the edge of mattresses, and the top of curtains.

Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust

It is the long-lasting and effective powder available in the market to kill bedbugs. CimeXa is a bedbug powder made from a manufactured silica powder. It essentially acts like a sponge to absorb water from the bugs and eventually kill them. a suggested usage of this powder is to take a paintbrush and apply a thin layer along baseboards, cracks, or in crevices. use best bedbug control techniques.


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