how to kill mosquitoes at home


Getting a mosquito-free home is a dream for most of us. Because the presence of mosquitoes is very annoying since mosquito bites can keep itching long after the bite and the noise they make also is a problem. Apart from these mosquitoes spread dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, and yellow fever. So, it is very important to kill mosquitoes in your home. If you search how to kill mosquitoes at home? You can see several DIY methods, natural methods, chemical methods, etc.

Most of us usually use mosquito repellent sprays, coils, or liquids that will get rid of mosquitoes inside the house. But, the fact is that most of these methods cause interaction with chemicals in them. This can harm the people in the house apart from creating breathing difficulties. The best ever method to kill mosquitoes is to approach professional pest control services near your locality. The New Star pest control is one of the best pest control company in UAE, which provide services across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

What are the dangers of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are common insects found all over the world. They are more active in warm and tropical climates. The most serious risk for a mosquito bite is that it can ingest pathogens and transfer them to another host. It leads to the spread of infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, etc. adult soils are attracted to damp standing water because they breed in water.

They lay eggs in there and larvae develop in water. A suitable environment for mosquito breeding is the most harmful situation that we need to avoid. It includes old tires, coconut shells, flower pots, gutters that drain improperly, and birdbaths. So, clean your surroundings in a regular manner to control the number of mosquitoes. 

The ways to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house

There are certain steps you need to take if you are wondering how to control mosquitoes at home. how to kill mosquitoes at home?

1. Stop mosquitoes from entering your home

Mosquitoes are commonly seen during the evening time when the sun is going down. So, tightly close all doors and windows during that time. Using nets in windows is a good way to prevent mosquitoes from entering the home.

2. Stop mosquito breeding

Mosquito larvae

The availability of places to breed is the main reason for uncontrollable growth in their number. The blocked water inside and outside the home is a fertile place for mosquito breeding. Clean drains, pooled water from AC, stagnate water in the garden, kitchen lofts on a regular basis.

3. Keep mosquito repellent plants

Some plants have the ability to keep mosquitoes away from their surroundings. So, keeping indoor and outdoor mosquito repellent plants will help to keep mosquitoes away to an extent. Some of the indoor mosquito repellent plants are marigold, tulsi, lemongrass, citronella, mint, and catnip.

4. Use sliced lemon and cloves, or garlic spray.

how to kill mosquitoes at home

These natural methods to kill mosquitoes at home are more familiar to most of us. If you have a small number of mosquitoes in your house, using this method will give a good result. Mosquitoes hate the smell of cloves and anything citrusy. The way to use it is to slice the lemon into two and push in cloves into both halves.

how to kill mosquitoes at home

The use of garlic spray as a mosquito repellent is a harmless natural method to get rid of mosquitoes. Crush a few cloves of garlic and boil it in water for some time. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it around the house to control mosquitoes.


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