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Wood Mice: Importance, Biology, and Control

The presence of wood mice in your home is not a silly matter that you can just leave. Because, in addition to damaging your home mice carry diseases and can put your family’s health at risk. There are several methods to get rid of wood mice. The first is that you need to know the Importance, Biology, and Control of wood mice.

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The Biology of Wood Mice

Wood mice which are also known as wood mouse or field mice are probably most common in woodland, rough grassland, and gardens. They are almost widely spread around our land. Wood mice are nocturnal animals and are agile climbers. But during the summer season, they are active daytime also.

Their size is bigger than harvest mice and has large ears, eyes, and long tails. These features help us to easily distinguish wood mice from other small rodents. They have soft fur and are normally golden-brown in color with a pale underside. The body size of them varies for different species from 15 to 50 grams. The length of wood mice is almost 6 to 15 cm excluding their tail.

5 Natural Ways to Control Wood Mice

The presence of wood mice is common as other species of rodents. Biology and control of wood mice. The main things that attract mice inside your home are the availability of shelter, food, and nesting material. Mice prefer to enter inside the home to get a warmer atmosphere than outside. Avoid the availability of food, shelter, and nesting materials to control them.

Here is a list of 5 natural ways to get rid of wood mice,

  1. Remove all food sources
  2. Seal entry points
  3. Use natural mice repellant
  4. Try live traps, or baits
  5. Get a cat

Remove all food sources

Like every other pests, mice are also attracted to your space due to the availability of food. Mice only need small amount of food. Store all the food items like grains, pet foods and other dry goods in glass or metal containers. Mice can’t chew the glass or metal containers like plastic containers. Also, cleanup all the spills and messes promptly to avoid attracting mice.

Seal entry points

Wood mice enter inside your home in search of warmth environment. So, the important step you need to take is to stop them from entering inside. They usually enter through small holes, cracks and cleavages in walls, foundations and doorways.

So, block their entry by using caulk or weather-stripping to seal the tiny holes. You can also try steel wool in the vent openings to block their entry without restricting air flow. This one of the humane and safe method to get rid of rodents.

Use natural mice repellant

There are several mice repellents available in the market. Biology and control of wood mice. Mice have strong sense of smell and this is the reason for using mice repellents widely to catch them. The mice repellent options that you can try from home are,

  • Essential oils

Mice hate the aroma of peppermint oil, cayenne, pepper and cloves. You can purchase any of these from the stores nearby you according to their availability. The method of using these essential oils is simple. Soak some cotton balls in them and keep it anywhere you need. You can also use toothpaste, bleach or vinegar instead of this.

  • Apple cider and water

Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray it around the perimeter of your house. The strong smell of this mixture repel mice from entering your home. You can re-apply any natural deterrent at least once a month to get better result.

Try live traps, or baits

The most commonly using method to get rid of mice are live traps and baits. Traps help to catch mice without poison and harming them. The live traps catch mice in a large box that allow them to get in but not out. Classic wooden snap traps are adequate for light mice infestation.

wood mice control

Bait stations are sealed packets that contain poison meal or pellets that meant to kill them. You can use these baits according to the safety precautions mentioned in their packets. The packets are usually sealed in plastic, paper, cellophane or materials which mice can chew easily.

Get a cat

The natural method to get rid of mice is nothing but, get a cat. If you can buy a cat to catch and eat mice in your house, do it. It is one of the cost effective method that you can try without any delay. Mice may vacate the premises upon smelling cat urine. If you don’t like cats, try ammonia, which smells like the urine of predator and will deter mice.

How do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice?

Wood mice are commonly found in your gardens and used to live in burrows and build nests of grass and other plants. Their diet includes seeds, roots, fruits and insects. Wood mice will gather food items in autumn and keep them in underground burrows or in nests of other birds in the garden.

wood mice control

When it comes to biology and control of wood mice the team of New Star Pest Control, uses various tactics, depending on the situation. All the procedures we follow will include, initial consultation, action plan and mice control. This professional way of treating every pest issues makes us one of the best pest control companies in UAE.

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