environmental risks of using rodenticides

Environmental Risks for Using Rodenticide

It is usually very difficult to control a pest using chemicals without causing damage to non-target animals. Of course, we can minimize the non-target damage by careful application of pesticides with proper guidelines. Rodenticides are one of the major pesticides we use in our space to get rid of rodents. So, we need to know about the environmental risks of using rodenticides and the ways to minimize them.

What Is A Rodenticide?

environmental risks of using rodenticides

Rodenticides are toxic products that may cause severe health damage and even death. There are several types of rodenticides are available in the market. Most of them are highly toxic and have weak safety standards for use and distribution. The most dangerous one among them is the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides. It is also called ‘super toxic’ rodenticides.

Rodenticides commonly contain anticoagulants which are substances that reduce blood clotting. Most of the anticoagulants are persistent in the environment and accumulate in the organisms. In addition, it affects the food chain. So, it is important to reduce the environmental risks of using rodenticides.

How to Use Rodenticides Effectively?

The significance of non-target damage depends upon the number of individuals who are affected. It is difficult to notice the presence of rodents because they are nocturnal animals. So, we can’t locate them easily. The physiology of rodents is very similar to that of non-target mammals and birds. So, they in a high chance to get affected by using rodenticides. If they can access poisoned bait these competitors may be killed.

environmental risks of using rodenticides

The use of poisonous bait to control rodenticides may lead to several unintentional issues for pets and other wild animals. The chemicals used in rodenticides are very persistent in the environment. It also leads to severe environmental risks of using rodenticides. Hence, if you are applying them by yourself, you need to take a large number of risk mitigation measures to prevent the occurrence of these problems.

The Need of a Professional Pest Control

Controlling rodents with chemical rodenticides according to best practice is expensive and requires a level of expertise. So, even if you can use rodenticides yourself, try to reduce the environmental risks of using them. For a professional service, you can call any pest control companies nearby you. They use methods that are safe to use in the current situation.

The procedure for new pesticides and biocides to get registration for use in agriculture is to satisfy safety criteria for those applying them, the consumers eating the crop, and the environment. This use of Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) is to predict the environmental fate and also potential effects of pesticides on non-target species by a stepwise process. The New star pest control at UAE provides professional pest control and cleaning services across Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and also in Abu Dhabi.

What Can I Do To Reduce The Risks?

Even though rodenticides are poisonous, you can use them safely by following the guidelines given below. To reduce the environmental risks of using rodenticides,

  • Always follow the label instructions and take steps to avoid exposure
  • Keep all rodenticides out of reach of children and pets
  • Choose the right bait stations for your needs around the home
  • To choose a rodenticide for outdoors, always follow label instructions to minimize the toxic effect on wildlife
  • Search for, collect and dispose poisoned rodents to reduce the secondary poisoning for pets and wildlife.
  • Use gloves while disposing dead rodents
  • Secure trash can lids to minimize pet or wildlife access to poisoned rats.

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