connection between asthma and pests

What is the connection between pests and asthma in children?

Did you ever search what is the connection between pests and asthma in children? The frequent allergies, running nose, and asthma in you and your children may be because of the presence of pests in your home. The presence of household pests like mice, rats, and cockroaches causes asthma attacks in some people.

Cockroaches shed skins, leave behind feces, and when they are dead, their bodies turn into dust. And rodents also shed hair and produce waste products that can trigger attacks if someone with asthma breathes them in. these types of allergens will be active for up to six months.

Use of pesticides and asthma

Pesticides are the substances that use to prevent or kill pests which are unwanted things in our space. They are one kind of airborne allergens. What is the connection between pests and asthma in children? The use of pesticides will always be our preference when we encounter any pest infestation to reduce the chance of getting ill. But using pesticides may irritate the lungs when they are breathed in.

The use of pesticides in an unscientific manner may lead to conditions like cancer, birth defects, reproductive disorders, and neurological, kidney, and liver damage. So, it is important to read the instruction manual before using a pesticide. Pesticides can also trigger asthma attacks in those who already suffer from the disease. For the safety of children and pets, you can approach a pest control professional as soon as possible when you notice an infestation.

Is there a connection between pests and asthma in children?

Yes. There is a connection between pests and asthma in children. As we discussed here, there are some common household pests that cause allergy and asthma symptoms in children. This is why it is so important to maintain a pest-free environment for you and your family.

connection between asthma and pests

The most severe pests are,

Cockroaches are the most common insect in households. They are severe pests that cause negative effects on a child’s respiratory system.

What is the connection between pests and asthma in children? Asthma rates are much higher in children than in adults. Mice and rats are also allergens that cause asthma and other respiratory problems.

We all know that dust is the main reason for allergic reactions in most people. But, when you do a detailed checkup, most of the time, dust mites may be the real reason. Wherever the dust is, so are the mites. So, regular cleaning is necessary when you and your family members are vulnerable to dust allergies.

How to solve it?

Asthma is a health condition that causes inflammation of the lungs and airways. It can cause a variety of symptoms like difficulty breathing, dry coughing, agitation, and itching of the throat, neck, and ears. Never leave these symptoms as silly. What is the connection between pests and asthma in children?

connection between asthma and pests

To solve these issues with pests, you need to do regular cleaning and checkup in your home. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best method. Find the pest problems early and Improve sanitation to reduce food, water, and clutter that attract pests. Use low-risk options when a pesticide is needed or seek the help of a pest control professional.

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