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What Pest Control Is Safe For Pets?

Pet lovers are always worried about what pest control is safe for pets. The use of poison and synthetic chemicals in pest control sometimes harm the pets in our home. This is not a silly problem that we can leave without address. So, we need to be concerned about pest control pet safety.

There are so many pest control companies around us now, to provide safe and accurate pest control services. The New Star pest control and cleaning Services Company in UAE is one among them. They have a team of well-trained professionals to apply appropriate pest control methods by analyzing the situation.

A pet-friendly pest control

Even though most of the pest control treatments do not affect pets, few of them end up becoming harmful. Pets like cats and dogs may inhale, absorb or ingest pesticide while wandering throughout your home.  It can have an adverse health effect on them in a long run, even though the poisonous content is very low.

Pet-friendly pest control is a responsible pest control practice that can lead to low environmental persistence of pesticides and protect pets. You can try practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) other than using traditional pest control methods. The Integrated Pest Management focuses on pest prevention and uses pesticides only as needed.

Guidelines to keep your pets safe during pest control

Nowadays, people are more searching for pet-friendly pest control products. They are available online and in markets also. If you have small infestations try some pet-safe bug sprays, non-toxic chemicals, or traditional methods like diatomaceous earth.

Pets are like family to some people. So, taking care of it and keeping them out of harm’s way is often a top priority of pest owners. During pest control treatment make sure that your pets are safe in your home. Follow some simple guidelines to avoid the harmful effects of pest control treatment on pets.

pet-friendly pest control
  • Read the labels and ingredients lists when purchasing pest control products. The products with contents like DEET, metaldehydein, etc. are harmful to pets.
  • Keep the pets out of the room while treatment is being performed. Keep your pets safe in order to avoid their contact with pesticides.
  • Don’t introduce pets into a treated area before it get dried. Keep your pets outside to an extended period. You can take advice from the professionals about the time of keeping the pets away. Pets like cats and dogs may accidentally come in contact with chemicals if you didn’t give much priority to their safety.
  • Remove food and water bowls from treated areas.
  • Make special precautions to birds. Birds are more sensitive that other pets like cats and dogs. So, cover their cages to block their contact with pesticide sprays and aerosolized droplets.
  • Discuss with your pest control technician about all your concerns and doubts.

How pest control professionals can help?

pet-friendly pest control

For a pet owner the question ‘what pest control is safe for pets?’ Will be there in mind always. Professional pest control treatments can be both effective and safe to apply in and around homes without harming pets. Professionals will be skilled in identifying the type of pests and appropriate control methods.

The professionals in New Star pest control are well trained to inspect your area and apply appropriate pest control methods. Preventing pests from entering your home is the best ever way that pet owners can do to keep their pets safe.

There are also some DIY methods that you can apply to get rid of pests from your area. But, if you have a large pest infestation and you are worried about the safety of your family members and pets, get the help of a professional pest control center.

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