There are different types of cleaning services available near us. Cleaning is the most familiar term for all. Clean living space only supports a healthy generation. And so, all of us prefer the cleanliness of the space we live in. For cleaning in a most effective manner one should clearly understand the types of cleaning available. Not all cleaning tasks are alike. The place we choose, the equipment we use, the users, etc. will influence the style of cleaning and its outcome.

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Cleaning is a difficult task in now a days. Because most of the time people need more time and energy to clean up the space they live in. Professional and working people don’t have much time to spend on cleaning. Hence, the service of cleaning centers are relevant here. Star pest control and cleaning services is one of the best cleaning service provider in the United Arab Emirates. They have branches across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. They have a professional cleaning with a group of trained staff and high-performance equipment’s with them.


The general categorization of cleaning is done on the basis of the users of the service. There are mainly two types of users- family and working people. So, the types of cleaning services can be categorized into,

  1. Residential clean
  1. Commercial clean


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Residential cleaning means, the cleaning service in domestic areas. Cleaning home is an everyday task for more of us. But, it will be much more difficult for working couples, or people with health issues. They may need the assistance of a cleaning service center. Domestic cleaning includes the basic cleaning procedures like dusting of all surfaces. The floor cleaning and mopping are also included in it.

Cleaning inside the home and surroundings is the main task in domestic cleaning. Inside cleaning includes, cleaning window surfaces, doors, curtains, sofas, and other accessories in the home. Outside cleaning means broom the surrounding areas, garden cleaning, etc. Also, more housekeeping chores like changing bed sheets, ironing, washing dishes, etc. will be included in it.


Commercial cleaning is another type of cleaning service. It is for business properties and commercial corporate activities. There will be variations in services needed by different commercial setups. A medical center may demand entirely different services from a hotel or a corporate company. So, the service centers will evaluate their needs and cleanup based on the basic evaluation.


The way of cleaning is completely dependent on the nature of the place to be cleaned. The types of dirt, its amount, the nature of the place, the demand of the user, etc. will influence the way of cleaning. For basically the types of cleaning services are explained in three ways. They are

  1. General cleaning
  1. Maintenance cleaning
  1. Deep cleaning


It is the general method of cleaning that we used to do in everyday life. Cleaning is a very important process in our life. Because cleanliness is highly related to health. General cleaning means basic cleaning methods that we do in our house, and other places we use. It includes cleaning the floor, mopping, and vacuum cleaning, wiping the dust particles, broom the floor, etc. the application of this can be varied according to the type of place we use. The general cleaning of a house will be entirely different from the general cleaning of a school. This method is a very easy step in cleaning. It helps to maintain the place almost neat and clear.


The cleaning processes we do regularly are listed under this maintenance cleaning. The cleaning service will be a burden if only one person takes the whole responsibility. Here, the sharing of responsibility and cleaning duties will help in a better way. All the team members will have mini cleaning duties and as result, the whole place will be cleaned. The time and effort people need to take for it will be comparatively less. The maintenance cleaning method can be built as a habit and in turn, it gives better results.


Deep cleaning is entirely different from the two cleaning types explained above. As the name tells, deep cleaning means the cleaning process that covers the entire area. In the normal cleaning process, we never clean up the whole house. So, deep cleaning should be done occasionally in order to stay healthy.


There are different types of cleaning agents available in the market. Different cleaning agents are used depending on the item to be cleaned. The cleaning method determines what an agent should be used in the process. There are four major types of cleaning agents used in commercial cleaning. They are;

  1. Detergents
  1. Degreasers
  1. Abrasives
  1. Acids


Detergents too have microplastics! - Beat the Microbead

Detergents are the most common types of cleaning agents used in both residential and commercial cleaning process. The use of detergents while washing or cleaning will speed up the process. They work by breaking up the dirt from the area and make the process easy. A detergent is a mixture of surfactants that has cleaning properties when mixed with water. The general structure of detergent is R-SO4-, Na+, where R is a long chain Alkyl group. Detergents have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions just like soap. Synthetic detergents are commonly used for cleaning purposes in commercial platforms. They are made up of petroleum products.


Degreasers are mainly used to remove grease from surfaces. This is why it is named as degreasers (de-greasers). They are otherwise called ad solvent cleaners. In earlier days degreasers like methylated spirit or white spirit were used in commercial setups. But is highly risky because of the chance for chemical contamination. So, now the use of those degreasers are less and most of the people try to use nontoxic, and non-fuming degreasers in their operation. Most of the degreasers work in a way that, the chemicals contained in it will cause a chemical reaction and the state of the substance will change. And hence, it makes the removal of grease easier from the surface.


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Abrasives usually used in commercial platforms to clean pots, floors, pans, etc. They clean dirt from hard surfaces by a scrubbing action. By definition, ‘abrasives are capable of polishing or cleaning a hard surface by rubbing or grinding’.  Abrasives commonly use in a wide variety of areas like industries, domestic areas, and also in technological applications. Some common uses of abrasive include cutting, drilling, sharpening, polishing, and sanding. There are different types of abrasives are available. Some of the naturally occurring abrasives are calcite, emery, diamond dust, pumice, etc.


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Acid cleaners should be used with care because they are most powerful in action. Acid cleaners must dilute in a correct ratio for getting better result. If the concentration of acid content becomes higher, it will lead to corrosion or may become poisonous. Acid cleaners generally use to remove mineral deposits. It is a water-based detergent use for deeper cleaning. This removes the heavy dust/ dirt particles like glue, paint, mortar, etc.


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