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We usually use chemicals for pest control in our homes, gardens, offices, etc. The amount of chemical pesticides we use every year is really huge the side effects it causes are unavoidable. So, by realizing this many people seek out organic pesticides to avoid harming themselves or the environment. Organic pest control Dubai.

People are even doubtful about the result of using organic pesticides instead of chemicals. They often search the following questions.

Is organic pest control more expensive?

Is organic pest control safer?

How does organic pest control works? Etc. Let’s analyze the method of organic pest control and its effectiveness in detail. 

What is organic pest control?

Organic pest control means the use of natural substances to control pests instead of using manmade chemicals. These natural substances range from soaps, salt, and vinegar to pyrethrum and lime sulfur. Once you identify the trouble maker pests you can control them by applying appropriate organic pest control methods.

Pest control is important because the presence of pests produces different kinds of harmful effects on ourselves and our nature. Organic pesticides can also be an excellent option for protecting your lawn or garden. Some of these are good for soil also. Even though you learn about all kinds of organic pest control methods that can be tried at your place, approaching a pest control service center will be a better option.

A pest control professional can recommend effective and eco-friendly approaches to pest management. The NEW STAR pest control is one of the best organic pest control in the UAE. They provide their services across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Pest control companies know the best way to treat harmful pests. Organic pest control Dubai. They know the optimal place to treat and how to bring a complete solution to your problem.

Is organic pest control effective and safe?

It is a growing trend in recent decades to go green or be more environmentally friendly. The proper use of organic pest control is safe and effective. Organic pest control in Dubai provides natural eco-safe pest control techniques and effective pest control. Most organic pesticides break down naturally, reducing the chance of polluting or contaminating the soil or water.

organic pest control Dubai

The use of organic pest control may not carry the same eradicating characteristics of non-natural products. But it has some other advantages. The long-term use of organic pest control will save you a lot of money and health when compared with chemical pest control. The limited odor rates and non-staining attributes of organic pest control make it more acceptable. Most importantly, you don’t want to worry about your kids and pets while using these organic pest control methods.

Organic pest control for plants

By using chemical pesticides in our garden, we intentionally release harmful, toxic, and cancer-producing substances into our environment. Thankfully, there is a number of easily available natural substances that act as organic pesticides. It is completely safe to use them on your plants. These homemade natural pesticides can kill a variety of pests and bugs in your garden either single or in combination. Organic pest control Dubai. The pests like aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, spider mites, beetles, fleas and flies, mosquitoes, and many more can be killed by this method.

5 organic pesticides for your garden

Now a day’s people like growing their own vegetables and fruits in the kitchen garden. They prefer organic farming to avoid worry about the dangerous implication of harmful chemical pesticides.

  1. Neem leaf
organic pest control

It is used for its medicinal and culinary properties. The bitter taste and strong odor of neem leaf keep the pests and bugs away from your plants. The main attraction is that it is non-toxic to animals, birds, plants, and humans. Add some neem oil to a dash of liquid soap and some warm water and stir slowly. Add it to a spray bottle and use it immediately.

  1. Salt spray
organic pest control

Use of slat spray help to keep pests away and also increase nutrition absorption. It helps plants take up vital nutrients like phosphorus and sulfur. Add some salt in water, stir it well and add into a spray bottle.

  1. Onion and garlic spray

Add one medium-sized onion and garlic to warm water. Let it stay for a while and add pepper and a dash of liquid soap to it. Use it in your plants to keep pests away.

  1. Eucalyptus oil

Another organic pest control method is using eucalyptus oil. Spray some on your plants and it deters insects and bugs in them.

  1. Chrysanthemum flower tea
organic pest control

Use the chrysanthemum flower tea as an organic pest control regularly. Boil some dried flowers into a pan full of water for about 20 minutes. Strain, cool, and add it into your spray bottle.

Does organic pest control work?

Organic pest control really works well. The purpose of organic pest control is to help control the pest issues without causing damage to the organism as well as any of the other stakeholders involved. The main purpose of using organic pest control is to prevent the negative side effects. The overuse or unscientific use of organic pest control also causes a negative result. Therefore in terms of organic farming and organic pest control, it is more important to consider the toxicity of an element or solution as compared to whether it is organic or not.

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