water tank cleaning in Dubai


Water storage tanks should be cleaned periodically to get pure water. Water tank cleaning in Dubai. The water supplied to the tanks may have many dissolved salts and impurities that keep depositing on the walls and bottoms. These specks of dust get to build into thick layers of dirt if not cleaned periodically. In addition to this, dead rats, lizards, birds, and other insects often can be found in tanks. Water tanks should be cleaned in the right way to get better results. The New star company in UAE is one of the best in providing water tank cleaning services in Dubai.

The cleaning interval of tanks depends on the type of tank you have. Water storage tanks can be made from bricks, polyethylene, polypropylene, steel, or fiberglass. The concrete or masonry tanks need cleaning in short intervals. Because they have services around the tank cover and it allows insects inside. Whereas properly sealed plastic tanks are cleaned at a long interval of one year.

How to clean a water storage tank?

water tank cleaning in Dubai

Clean your household water storage tank periodically. Whenever your household water tastes, looks, or smells unusual never get late to clean the tank. Because cleaning and disinfecting your water storage tank is necessary to protect your family’s health. Always follow the systematic steps to clean your water tank.

Step 1: Clean your tools

Before starting the cleaning, you need to clean the tools with a bleach solution. Mix a cleaning solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts of hot water and wash all the tools with this solution.

Step 2: Drain the tank

Drain the water in the tank as much as possible by running the taps or using a sump pump. Shut off the valves to the distribution lines.

Step 3: Clean the tank

Use a solution of a mixture of 1 part bleach to 4 parts of hot water. Wash the sides of the tank with a mop or pressure washer using this solution. It helps to remove the slime and dirt built upon the sides and corners of the tank.

Step 4: Rinse the tank

Rinse the sides of the tank with clean water. Use a wet or dry vacuum to remove the rinse water from the bottom of the tank.

Step 5: Disinfect the tank

Add 5 ml of unscented household bleach without a fiber guard for every liter of water in the storage tank. Run water out of all water taps and faucets in the distribution lines until the smell of bleach is detected in the water. Let the bleach sit in the water for at least 4 hours.  

Step 6: Empty and Refill

After the system is disinfected run all of the taps until the tank is dry. Run the water out of all taps for 2 to 5 minutes. Then, refill the tank with pure water.

Your tank is now cleaned and disinfected and ready to use.

Water tank cleaning services in Dubai

water tank cleaning in Dubai

There are a number of professional companies across the world that provide water tank cleaning eco king is one of the best water tank cleaning company in Qatar. The cost of getting your water tank cleaned may vary from city to city. The New Star pest control in UAE is a professional pest control company that provides its service across Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah and anywhere in UAE. A new star is one of the best water cleaning services in Dubai. New Star is a registered company with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry which has been boldly on the path to success for the past 10 years in the UAE.

Precautions during tank cleaning

  • Take care to close the inlet valves on the supply pipe to the tank.
  • Don’t run the submersible pump during the cleaning process
  • In case, water during de-watering is discharged on the roof, ensure drainage and rainwater pipes are not clogged.
  • Don’t forget to open the inlet valves after the cleaning process is over.
  • Check whether deposits from the tank accumulate on the aerators. It causes the clotting of water.
  • Remove all aerators if water did not come out from any facets. Wash and refill them to have a milky flow emitting from the taps and faucets.

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