cockroach exterminator Dubai


Cockroaches are one of the main problems nowadays in offices, houses, and living apartments in Dubai. They cause allergic reactions and other health issues. The presence of the cockroach itself is an annoyance. Cockroach exterminator Dubai. Using DIY methods to get rid of cockroaches will not always be successful. Because cockroaches are most active at night and they prefer to hide in cracks. So, it is difficult to find them during day time.

Common signs of cockroach existence

You can spot the presence of cockroaches in your place by noticing the following signs of cockroaches’ existence. They are usually seen in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room because they need a warm environment. They are also found in basements of the house or buildings. Most cockroaches prefer to rest on wood rather than on metal and other surfaces.

cockroach exterminator Dubai

Cockroaches produce an irritating smell if they come in contact with any food or other vessels or utensils that we commonly use. They leave the stools of brown color and make dirty marks on the wall and floor. A large number of cockroaches may congregate in areas where fecal materials have accumulated which are called aggregation points.

How to manage cockroach infestation?

The very first step to getting rid of cockroaches is to find their hiding places. Professional pest control services providers begin by inspecting and treating the available hiding places which include electric motors, electronic equipment, false ceilings, wall voids, and accessible cracks and voids. The New Star Pest control is one of the best cockroach exterminators in Dubai. We apply a variety of techniques and methods to provide comprehensive cockroach treatment. They include crack and crevice treatment, void treatments, and baits.  

Cockroaches are difficult to kill. They have a strong and bendable body, so they are adept at hiding. They can conceal themselves easily in many areas and aren’t deterred by shifting temperatures or other external factors.

How to hire a cockroach exterminator?

If you are tired of pest infestation in your place and need to get rid of them, hiring a cockroach exterminator will be a good choice. Hiring a roach exterminator is not expensive than the problems caused by them in your home or office. A large number of cockroaches is really bad for your health and the hygienic environment in your place.

cockroach exterminator Dubai

When to call an exterminator? If you have a limited number of cockroaches you can handle it on your own. But, if you think you have a serious infestation, never get late to make a call. The type of treatment varies depending on the location (home, office, or other buildings) and the type of roach problem you are facing.

Step-by-step procedure for cockroach extermination

The extermination process usually starts from the most common source of the cockroach infestation. In the in-home, the kitchen will be the most infested area because of the availability of food and water. Cockroach exterminator Dubai. The pest controller will start by infesting the stove and refrigerator inside and out. They will pull these devices to check behind and under them. A step-by-step procedure for cockroach extermination,

  1. Inspect the available hiding area completely.
  2. Use glue traps to estimate how many cockroaches are there and where they are concentrated
  3. Use gel bites to kill and gradually reduce the population of cockroaches
  4. Check the outdoor areas also to find the presence of roaches and treat outdoor perimeter with spray or granular baits
  5. In some cases, apply a follow up treatment.

The cockroach infestation both outdoor and indoor is another problem that needs to be considered. The recent industry statistics show a rise in peri-domestic cockroach infestation. In these cases, treatments should be applied to outside also. An exterminator will do their best to eliminate the problem on their first visit. But sometimes, there will be a need for follow-up treatment.


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