sanitization and disinfection services


All of us are familiar with the terms sanitization and disinfection services, especially in the era of COVID-19. Both the sanitization and disinfection services are related to cleaning and hygiene.  Sanitization and disinfection are almost similar terms, but the purpose of them are different. Sanitization is a form of deeper cleaning. Whereas, disinfection is a stronger decontamination method. It destroy the pathogens which cause diseases. The major difference between sanitization and disinfection services is the method of action. Sanitization is the process to reduce the occurrence and growth of bacteria. Where disinfection is the process to kill them.

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sanitization and disinfection services


Sanitization is the process of making something sanitary or hygienic by cleaning. It is the next step of cleaning that aims at deeper cleaning. However, the complete cleanliness is very essential to lead a healthy life. Cleanliness is considered as a good quality which can be achieved through regular and systematic cleaning process. There is an aphorism related to cleanliness is that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. Through sanitizing your living and working space you can achieve a hygienic and healthy lifestyle. In other words, it will improve the quality of your life.

The sanitization process completely clean the space/object and destroy all the bacteria and germs present in there. Above all it is a highly professional task that requires knowledge, experience, and expertise. People began to give a priority to the sanitization process in their life. Because the existing pandemic situation teaches them to do so. The COVID-19 era points out the role of cleanliness and hygiene in fighting germs and viruses. Hence, the sanitization and disinfection services gain much attention.

Hand sanitization

Hand sanitization and hand sanitizers are many popular terms nowadays. The process of Hand sanitization is sanitizing the body parts (especially hands) by washing with soap and water. It can also be done by using hand sanitizing solutions. Hand washing/ sanitizing will help to remove germs in the hand just like viruses/ bacteria/ microorganisms etc. Drying of the washed hand is also a part of this process because wet hands easily get contaminated.

Hand hygiene 7 steps process recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) is,

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Hand washing steps- WHO

Surface sanitization

Surface sanitization is the process of sanitizing all kinds of surfaces like clothes, floor, water, etc. The act of surface sanitization will remove or destroy microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and germs. Also, Sanitizing a surface makes that surface free of dirt and contaminants that adversely affect the healthy lifestyle of people.

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Surface sanitization


There are different types of sanitization processes are available in the market. The microorganism to which we fight is the key factor that decides the type of sanitization process to use. Firstly, the uncontrolled growth of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, germs, etc. will adversely affect our health and spread diseases. Therefore, Proper and regular cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services is the only remedy to avoid the spread of such diseases. There are several companies that provide the best sanitization and disinfection services across the world.

The New Star Pest control company in UAE is one of the best company which provide sanitization and disinfection services across Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah. It is also a municipality approved pest control company with highly trained knowledgeable service staff. Only the best company that provides sanitization and disinfection services can use the appropriate methods to solve your pest problem.

Five popular sanitization methods are;

  1. Antimicrobial sanitization
  2. Foam cleaning sanitization
  3. Chemical sanitization
  4. Thermal sanitization
  5. Pressure cleaning sanitization


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sanitization and disinfection services

Disinfection is a much stronger process of cleaning than sanitization. It is the process of killing pathogens and disease-causing organisms. Disinfection is done by using disinfectants. A disinfectant is an agent uses to disinfect a surface or an object. For example, a disinfectant may be a chemical agent uses to destroy or reduce the concentration of pathogens on a surface. It can be used to kill pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Many disinfectants are used alone or in combination with other substances like alcohols, chlorine and chlorine compounds, iodophors, phenolic, etc. Similarly, in combination with these, some compounds like hydrogen peroxide will form. In most cases, such combinations are made on the basis of the demands of the situation. So, it can use in a particular situation only. Overexposure to disinfectants may also lead to occupational diseases among cleaning professionals. They should take care of using appropriate disinfectants incorrect concentration.

The help of professional service centers must be needed in some cases. There are various sanitization and disinfection service centers are available in every area. Selecting the best among them is also an important task. Because they will assess the situation properly and use appropriate disinfectants suitable there. New star Pest Control Company is one of the best pest control service centers in UAE. They provide their professional service across Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah.


There are three levels of disinfection based on the severity of chemicals used in it. They are,

  1. High-level disinfection
  2. Intermediate-level disinfection
  3. Low- level disinfection


Disinfection use as part of the decontamination process to kill disease-causing pathogens.

Alternative disinfection methods to chlorine for use in the fresh-cut  industry - ScienceDirect

2 methods of disinfection using mainly are,

  1. Thermal disinfection process
  2. Chemical disinfection process


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Thermal Disinfection

It is a method of using moist heat to kill bacteria and viruses by exposure to a specific temperature. However, high-temperature thermal disinfection processes can destroy the proteins in viruses and bacteria. It also helps to kill them or make them inert/inactive. In addition, the main advantage of thermal disinfection is that there is no use of harmful chemical substances in it. The cost and risk of thermal disinfection is also less while comparing with the other.


Chemical Disinfection

It is the process of using chemicals to kill disease-causing pathogens. The commonly used chemical disinfectants are chlorine and chlorine compounds, sodium hydrochloride, copper or silver ionization, and also bromine. People also search for how do chemical disinfectants work? They work by destroying the cell wall of microbes or by interfering with their metabolism. Similarly, each of the chemicals used in chemical disinfection have their own advantaged and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the side effects it causes to the user and the surface through continuous usage.





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