stinging pest control


Stinging pest infestation is one of the dangerous problems that we face almost all the seasons. The most common stinging insects are bees, hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps. Let us check how to get rid of stinging pests effectively.

Some of these stinging insects are mostly harmless and also beneficial. But some others are aggressive and territorial and you really don’t want them around your home. So, the very first step in stinging pest control is to know thoroughly about them.

Risks of stinging pests

The sting of an insect can cause an allergic reaction in the body. Based on the body type of each individual, the allergic reactions can range from a mild local reaction to something like a severe asthma attack. The most common symptoms are,

  • Painful sting
  • Property damage
  • Allergic reaction
  • Swarms

How to get rid of stinging pests. The stings of bees and wasps are immediately obvious. When they inject venom into our body, we feel a sharp pain and a burning sensation that soon resolves into a major itch. A red ring or bump appears at the site of the sting.

Among the above-listed stinging pests, yellow jackets are the most dangerous pests. Their stings cause a serious immediate reaction that interferes with breathing is called anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock.

How to control the stinging pests

Using DIY methods to get rid of stinging insects is not safe. Because their sting may cause damage to your body. So, it is better to call professional pest control to get rid of the stinging pests.

stinging pest control

The ‘New Star Pest Control and Cleaning Services’ in UAE, is one of the best options that you can choose. With the assistance of their expert workers and the latest technology, they will help you to eliminate pest problems.


Through a thorough inspection of the property, your technician will locate the stinging pests and identify the type of bee. Every stinging pest has a different mode of action. So, inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems on a regular basis.


Based on the inspection, they will create a custom treatment plan to help repel and remove the pests from your home. How to get rid of stinging pests. After inspecting your home, your technician will treat and remove any nests they find.


Once the nests and their inhabitants have been successfully removed, it’s important to do a follow-up. Prevent re-infestation by utilizing and sticking to a plan to keep them at bay. Stay in touch with your pest control professionals for a regularly scheduled visit. Do ask all your queries and seek to respond to any immediate needs.

Stinging pest control tips

stinging pest control
  • Some of the stinging pests are beneficial. Both the unwanted insects and beneficial ones look similar. So, identify the unwanted pests at first to get rid of stinging pests.
  • Inspect trees, open structures, eaves, soffits, and holes in walls and structures to find out the nests.
  • Availability of food items is the main attraction of pests. So, try to limit the availability of food and water resources. Tightly seal garbage bins, get rid of soft drink cans and food containers, keep pet food covered or indoors, and dispose of fallen fruit.
  • Stop the dangerous stinging pests from entering the home. Properly seal doors, windows, and cracks in your foundation, vents, and walls.
  • If you encounter any stinging pest infestation, contact a professional pest control service provider. In UAE, the New Star Pest control is the best choice.

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